Be Our Creative Director And Tell Us What To Shoot!

Are you creative? Be our Creative Director and tell us, what to shoot!

An experiment: Model Ksenia is returning to Austria and we need your help and your creativity! Tell us your fantasies, your desires! Tell us your story* and we‘ll realize it! Describe your storyline as detailled as possible (location, clothes, accessoires, day-or nighttime, weather conditions, posings and and and …). We’ll chose the most creative story, will produce picture and / or video footage of your winning idea and publish it! You as winner will be rewarded with a high resolution picture of your story and an exclusive and uncensored Making Of Video footage (app. 3 minutes) of the production. You can deliver your story via one of these ways:




Be our Creative Director



And now – get to your computer, to your smartphone, to your tablet, … get everwhere you want and deliver us your story! We are eagerly looking forward!


* Rules: If your story is chosen as winner story and will then be published in our media, you as creator can stay anonymous, or you may be fully credited – as you wish. Just tell us when submitting your story. We have some things in our mind, we won’t realize and this will influence our choice. We won’t tell you too much of our „realization rules“ not to influence your creativity, but first of all, think of Ksenia being the only model / actress in your story. We won’t realize any boy-girl, girl-girl, … In general: Your story can be sensual, sexy, erotic, has to be creative!!! and should stay tasteful!


You as submitter will not have whatever kind of right of winning. If you are chosen as winner, you will not have whatever kind of right of receiving rewards or picture/video rights on the pictures/videos we’ll create. If rewarded with picture/video stuff, we grant you a personal right to keep it stored on your file system. You’ll have no right to publish anything without our written permission, you will have no right to give any material away to third persons. You will have no right to sell any material.


In any case: Let’s have fun guys! This contest isn’t linked to any social media platform like Facebook, instagram, … it’s only an experiment 🙂 By submitting your story, you respect all the rules mentioned above.